Wiki of HTLiveSight

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  • How to install the Mozilla Firefox version?
    Click on the link and you will be asked to allow the installation.
    Then follow the guided procedure (need to restart the browser after the installation).
  • How to install the Google Chrome version?
    Right click on the link and save it on your desktop (or where you want).
    Then open the menu (at top-right) > tools > extensions
    Now drag the saved files into the Chrome window and allow installation.
    For downloading them, right click and "Save as".
  • How to start the application on Mozilla Firefox?
    After restart, you should see our logo application at top-right corner, near the search engine. Click it!
    If there isn't, press ALT, then the menu bar appears. Click "Tools", then "Hattrick", and finally "HTLiveSight".
  • How to start the application on Google Chrome?
    After the installation (I advise you to restart the browser anyway), you should see our application logo in the home page, jsut click it!
  • Why I can't see my league table?
    This usually happens in the middle of the week, because by default we set to load league data before/after 24h from the league match.
    To change it, open HTLiveSight, go to options (click the gear at top-right corner), click the "Matches" tab and edit the second option (uncheck the option to load during all the week the league matches, or edit the hours in the box).
  • How to add a friend?
    Manually add a match of him, then the match appears in the sidebar.
    Now (left) click on his team name, and you're done!
  • How to see lineups?
    After add a match in the main window, click on the lineup numbers (e.g. 3-5-2, 4-4-2, etc.). Of course the match has to be started!
  • How to see statistics?
    After add a match in the main window, and the match is finished, click on the team name aaannnddd done!
  • How to customize sounds?
    Go to options (click the gear at top-right corner), click the "Customization" tab, then look for the event you want to edit the sound alert.
    Now press "Browse" button, then find on your pc the new audio file, then click "Open".
    For checking if the program has loaded it correctly press "Play" button to listen to it.
    If you want to restore the original audio file, just click "Restore" button.
  • I have a .wav/.ogg sound but it isn't played! How can i fix it?
    Probably the encoding isn't compatible with the browser.
    Convert your file to .ogg with an audio converter (personally I suggest
    Now save your file and set the path to it (see "How to customize sounds?" if you forgot how to do it), and it should be played!
  • How to customize colors?
    Go to options (click the gear at top-right corner) and click the "Colors" tab.
    If you don't know the hexadecimal code of the color you want, click the link you see at the top of the tab content (
    Move bars and pointer to find your color, then copy/paste the six alphanumerical code from that page to the box in the HTLS options (after checking the relative box).
    The background under the text near the box also show you a preview of your choose. Restart HTLiveSight to apply your changes to the matches.
  • Why there is a delay between HTLiveSight and Hattrick?
    Well, there's more than one reason.
    First of all, Hattrick "gives" us the data once a minute (and not every second like you can see on the website).
    Another reason is that Hattrick uses a "load balancer" for the CHPP servers, so if there is an overload, it slows down everything (and that's why sometimes strange errors appear).