Download HTLiveSight

This is the download page of our application. Currently we support Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera (version >= 15) and Firefox for Android.
As explained below, we offer two version, with little differences. Feel free to try what fit your needs.


The Stable is the final version, that the normal users usually choose. It should not contain bugs (or, at least, only a few) but it doesn't contain all the brand new features that are in development/test in the Dev release.
See Wiki if you have problem during installation.


It's the "bugged sister" of the Stable, but contains a lot of new features that we are developing.
It's important for us to find all the bugs before release a new Stable, so if you're a good pc user may be you're interested to try this version.
See Wiki if you have problem during installation.

Attention! from version 0.8.877 we ported add-on to webextension (firefox only), this means you have to export your preferences (without background and sounds as the save work differently) from old version and import to new one if you want to keep them

Older Versions

If you're interested to see our older versions, have a look at our repository at by clicking HERE.

Safari version Note

Due to Apple request of payment of 99 dollars per year to be a developer and obtain a certificate, we won't support Safari version anymore.