Help us

Are you a generous one? Do you love community and sharing spirits? Why don't you join us for improving this application?

There are a couple of ways to do that:

If you're interested to translate HTLiveSight in your language, Crowdin is for you!
After a quick and free registration, you can translate all our application (and soon website) for your nation!

Instead, if you're a developer, good at Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3, or you love "bugs" and crashes, you should join us at Google Groups.
There, we discuss about next features to add, test our experiments, and more. However it's not a good place for normal users...
If you want to join here, please send an HTMail in Hattrick to Silkevicious, or any direct request to the group will be dropped.

"Meh! I'm not good at both of them, but I still want to help you!"

Don't worry, you can still partecipate at our "cause" in a more quiet and normal environment!
Join our Forum on Hattrick: there you can request new feature, report bugs, discuss with us and see how we are developing the application.